Spanish goalkeeper scores outrageous wondergoal

Spanish goalkeeper scores outrageous wondergoal from INSIDE his own area

A SPANISH goalkeeper scored an amazing goal from his own area in a bizarre fourth-tier league match.

Salvador Sanchez de Lope scored one of the most incredible goals you will ever see after scoring from just inside his own area

The Spanish fourth tier league match between Villanueva del Pardillo and CF Pozuelo de Alarcon saw the away side win 1-0 thanks to Salvador’s tremendous strike.

Grainy mobile phone footage shows Sanchez picking up the ball inside his area before preparing to clear the ball upfield.

With incredible force, Sanchez sends the ball skywards. But the routine clearance turned into a wondergoal as Sanchez’s opposite number failed to deal with the drop kick.

The keeper was deceived by the flight of the ball and embarrassingly allowed the ball to slip through his legs.

After trying, and failing, to keep the ball out of the goal the unfortunate player falls backwards.


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