The modern soccer has demanded that goalkeepers be more of a soccer player first than a goalkeepe says Phil Wheddon, a double Olympic champion goalkeeping coach with the United States Women’s National Team “You’re touching the ball approximately seven more times with the feet than with the hands.”

Managers no longer someone who just comes to claim the balls. It’s what you do when you have the ball that now becomes so critical to teams t give them edge.

You only have to look how Pep Guardiola has his number 1 Ederson playing. Ederson is basically a outfield player wearing goalkeeper gloves.

Pep Guardiola demands on hiskeepers align perfectly with Ederson’s soccer background as a South American who converted to the position of goalkeeping from outfield in his youth.

Throughout soccer history there have been notable Latin American examples of goalkeepers who not only reinterpreted but revolutionised the position.

Rene Higuita was laughed at during World Cup 1990 when Roger Milla pinched the ball and soring, which eliminated Colombia, but with the passing of the years Higuita looks now decades ahead of his time.

Ederson is now doing similar for Man City with his passes giving them a crucial edge on any opponent they come across. Someone is going to have to man-mark ederson to stop his passes

Guardiola’s teams are keeping the ball for anything up to 70 per cent of the time in their Premier League matches and that’s the way Pep likes it.

Consider the difference between Ederson’s goalkeeper statistics this season and what are traditional outfield skills.

Simply Put, Ederson is obliterating the distinction between a goalkeeper and outfield player. So, you get the impression that even if Man City were playing an actual outfielder in goal then there wouldn’t be much difference in their actual play and probably success.

So is this the end of goalkeeping as we know it. will more and more managers for a goalkeeper who is a better distributor of the ball, rather than the traditional goalkeeper shot stopper?

What is your thoughts on the direction of goalkeeping. Add you comments below.

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