Why are there no foreign goalkeepers in the Chinese Super League?

Chinese Professional Super League clubs are not allowed to sign foreign keepers, but why?

With the recent spate of high-profile players moving to China for enormous paydays, none of them has been a goalkeeper, and after a glance at the rules it’s clear that Chinese clubs are forbidden from having non-Chinese goalkeepers.


For one simple reason: goalkeeper development. Given the option to bring in foreign talent, goalkeeper is always a likely option due to the importance of the role in matches and the high concentration of quality keepers in Europe.

The environment to develop as a goalkeeper is at its best in Europe, so the quality is there. But there can be just one goalie per team, so if foreign stoppers come in then the Chinese goalkeepers won’t get any time to develop. This will lead to a drastic drop in level, and that will enormously effect the Chinese national team and their chances of success.

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